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In the Continuing Saga of The Confessional Booth Ramblings, here is the latest disclosure. And it is a doozy. I really fell off the wagon this time.

Once again, it is Saturday morning. Yes, I am standing in the line for the Confessional Booth. Again. It's pretty long today. Well, for what I did, it will not make any real difference. I am going to be here for a while. . . .

Ah. My turn now.

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.

Yes, Father, I am here again, and I am afraid that I really did it this time.

Well, it all just seemed to "happen." I am not really sure how it all came together and added up, but it did. And now I am here and I think that I need to talk about it. It all started with a trip to one of the nicer camera pusher's store, and they had received the equipment from an estate, and I do like to support the memory of the fellow who died and to provide his family with something that fairly represents what his equipment was worth, but I think I may have over done it, and I came out with a Nikon F with the Photomic FTn finder and a nice NIKKOR-S Auto 50mm f:1.4 lens in a really nice looking brown Nikon case, a KMZ Zenit-EM black body with the MOSKVA 1980 Olympic Games logo and a Helios-44M-2 58mm f:2 lens, a Minolta XE-7 with the MC ROKKOR 50mm f:1.4 lens, and a 1941 FED 1d 'Leica look-alike" with a FED collapsible 50mm f:3.5 lens, all in good condition leather cases, and there were two Tamron lenses in there also. But it gets worse. That is not all that I did. I was in another camera repair shop, and the guy just handed to me a Canon EOS-620 with the comment that; "It might even work." For free. When I bought and put in a 2CR5 battery, it did work. Then I went back the next day to buy from him an Asahi-Pentax "auto 110" cartridge camera kit with three lenses and an electronic flash, and he had sitting on his counter top a Minolta XD-7 with the MD ROKKOR 50mm f:1.4 lens and a Minolta MD ROKKOR 80-200mm f:4.5 zoom lens and the Minolta auto 200X electronic flash, that he had just taken in that morning, and he said that he would make me a deal that I could not refuse. He did, and I didn't. So that is seven (7) camera bodies and twelve (12) lenses. I think that was all of them. Father, I think that I may need help. I do not seem to be able to control it any more.

Father, THAT MUCH ?!?!?! You want me to do that much? Well, yes, you are right. I really did it this time, didn't I? And, yes, Father, I can see that if it reaches the point where it costs me something and I start to feel it, then I am more likely to do something about it.

Yes, Father, I will be all right. I just do not feel very cheerful right now. Thank you, Father. See you next week. I guess.

a very penitent Ralph
in Latte Land, Washington
Ralph, you need to find a church without a confessional.