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So my question is, what camera should I be looking to trying to buy? I would love to get a camera in the style of the Hasselblad cameras but obviously they are far too expensive, so I have been looking at ones like the Bronica ETRS and S2a, also the Kiev 88, these have had mixed reviews from what I have read so I would like to hear your opinions and suggestions on other cameras. I don't really want to get something like a Pentacon Six, as they work basically the same as a 35mm camera and I would like something new, but I would consider a TLR if that's the best way to go for MF. I would like to get the best possible image quality too.

Thanks, James
Hi James! I know this is considerably after the fact but I went through the same thing just recently and got incredibly advice. Went with an RZ67. Thread here: http://www.apug.org/forums/forum51/1...preciated.html