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I just got back from trying to shoot at the same place tonight. I was there about 5 minutes. Took maybe 3 pix. The same guy came up to me and said there was a big stink after I left in the afternoon. The parents were upset that 'someone' was taking pix of the kids. Bottom line, I leave or they call the police. Since it is private property, I have no other choice. (I wasn't only shooting kids. I was trying to shoot an anorexic lady in the afternoon. I shoot whatever is interesting.)

The guy had a hard time trying to figure out what to say to me this afternoon. The deal about the 'emailing pictures to him' was an 'ice breaker' for him to approach me. He said he wanted some photos for promotion for next year. Then after I started talking to him 'some' the truth came out about why he wanted the photos and why he wanted to talk to me.

This evening, no BS. He came right out and said they were worried and wanted me to leave. Yea, it was kinda a weird conversation in the afternoon. it started out one way like he was interested in getting some photos . But ended up with the truth coming out that they think photogs, at least male ones are perverts.

Any analog ladies out there?

Are the ladies hassled like men photogs when they point their cameras at kids?

Luckily we can shoot all sorts of things beside kids. It would be hell trying to do battle like this day in and day out. This is like double the stress of street photography. It is like taking pix of a bomb ready to blow...you can't relax one bit!

I had forgot, but I was hassled about 8 years ago at a public pool. I was testing an underwater video cam. I snorkeled around the pool taking test video of whatever was in the water...kids, adults, floats. Maybe 2 minutes if that worth of vid. A lifeguard hassled me about shooting the video. I told him yes I shot kids, adults anything I could to see how it worked. I told him I wasn't taking it diving before giving it at least a small test. He didn't get it.
I have to admit, even as a photographer, I feel like SOME of what you describe would even freak me out and bother me. I don't know why, I guess I just find it hard to believe that you wouldn't see why it might be creepy, perhaps you should go there with others so its not so weird.

Or go with a 4x5 so you can explain that you're shooting "street" images just like the old days to capture the "American lifestyle" it would make it seem more legit somehow I guess.

And underwater at a pool, that is certainly suspect...

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