This is a question of historical curiosity.

A post today by DrZorba of a Nikon with a huge 35mm bulk back took me back.

I got my first OM-1 in the late '70s. I was a high school student, so I had little money for accessorizing, but I buried my nose in the accessory catalogs that came with the camera, and I daydreamed about every entry. (Part of me still wants an Olympus microscope, and I can't say why.) I thought the bulk film backs were very cool. (I don't recall in what context I imagined I would need them, but that's what daydreams are like.)

Anyway, if you actually shot a 250 frame roll (or for DrZorba's post, 750 frames), how would it even be processed? Is this something that would get multiple loops (for lack of a better term) in deep tanks, or would it get cut up, assuming that you could sacrifice a few frames?