Well i hope it can tolerate some over exposure, i started shooting my first roll of this film up on our skifield on Mt Ruapehu.
I had a roll of kodak elitechrome 100 in the camera and i quickly changed rolls of film, forgetting to set the camera to iso 200, forgetting that this film is not DX coded!
And here i was telling Wittner-Cinetec that DX coding did not bother me when they asked me! lol
Well, i dont have a problem without DX coding, and normally would have remembered to have set the film speed if i put the film in the camera before going up on the slopes. Its not like the Digibase CR200 is DX coded anyway.
Anyway i only shot about 10 exposures before i realised i forgot to set the film speed.
I hope i still get some good photos, it was a very cloudy, overcast day and to top things off it was a blizzard! Hopefully the low light conditions would have made up for it a bit.
What will i expect to see? Extremley faint image mainly white out? I dont know, but i will share my results at the end of this month hopefully!