Hey guys,

Since no one ever uses pictures to describe anything, I have a lot of trouble matching equipment to old film.

I want to clarify, do both this...

And this...

Go into this...?

I THINK so, but I just want to clarify.

I finally bought a 4x5 camera and this is some stuff a kind APUGer gave me to start out with like a year ago, it's been frozen since and while cleaning out a friends grandfathers house he found that film pack adapter and gave it to me and his grandfather had a camera and tons of negs (and some ektachrome) in 4x5 but no actual normal graflex holders just this.

Anyway can I use this with either of those films?

I want to practice my 4x5 developing on this old film first. I've had good results with expired film but he also had this...

And I'm used to Paterson tanks so I had planned to get a MOD54 but if I can learn to use this tank without spilling developer everywhere (doesn't seem to seal at all) then I'll stick to this and practice with the old film.

(PS anyone who has some extra and doesn't want it let me know).

Thanks for any knowledge on any of this.

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