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You're welcome! I don't know how I found out about Kienzle, they are not that well known where I live, but their range of enlargers appears to be quite impressive. I would love to see some of their products in person. I would love to be able to get one of their small color or VC heads to put onto my Valoy II. I'll bet they would have no problem supplying an adapter that would fit the new head to my enlarger perfectly.
Any VC head that fits the Focomats 1C and 2C also fits the Valoy II. I am sure the VC heads work well, but I am no fan of them for these Leitz enlargers. I much prefer the filters in a filterholder, with their fixed half-step values. The VC heads on these beautifully designed Leitz enlargers look out of place to me.

The Valoy II is one of the most beautiful enlargers, basic and high quality in all aspects. It is easy to modify the redfilter to a filterholder for VC filters. Many other brand filterholders will work, I use the filter holder of the Beseler 23C. Picture attached. Works with the Focomat 1C as well and probably would with the 2C too. The simple solution if your enlarger does not have the filter tray.