Yes, the pack film pictured will work in the pictured film pack adapter. I do not know where you will find user instructions for them though. Basically you lay the pack in the holder with the tabs toward the opening, close the adapter, install the darkslide, pull the start paper tab moving the first sheet into place, expose, pull the next paper tab closest to the darkslide, until all sheets are exposed or rob the exposed sheets in total darkness. The exposed sheets will be at the back of the stack.

Pack film is very thin and therefore difficult/delicate to handle. It may fall out of the Mod 54 holder and I'm not sure it would stay in place in a Jobo 2509n reel in a 2500 tank either. Film that old will have a lot of base fog. I found HC110 @ 65F to minimize base fog.

As for that FR/Yankee slosher tank make it into a planter. They are notorious for sloshing chemicals out during processing and uneven development.