Hi! I've read this forum for a little while and enjoyed a lot of good tips and trix. Just started to develop color negative and runned into some problem. As you can see on the pic I got some strange things going on in the left and right part of the pic. I doesn't show on all frames in the roll, at least not what I can see. This shot is taken with studio flash and a grey background so it becomes very obvious. I haven't had this problem with b/w. I develop in Digibase C41 and have tried both 38 degrees and 25 degrees.
Is this a light leak maybe from the roll not getting rolled up tight enough or is it a dev error? I have tried to agitate both by turning my paterson tank upside down and by just turning the little stick. The negs got better when I stopped turning it every 30 sec and just twisted the stick every 1 min in 25 degrees and 13 min. The film is Kodak Portra 160 and is shot with a Mamiya 645 AFD II.
Does anyone have a clue?