I hate plastic cameras. They may work for some people, but I can't stand them, especially when solid, pro-level cameras which were once out of reach of regular photographers can now be had for cheap. I just picked up a Nikon F3HP with an MD4 motor drive and lens for less than what I paid for just a used MD4 back in 1990. The 50/300 ED zoom I lusted after in 1990 (and which cost $3500 back the) I just managed to find now for $500.

Top picks for me would be the Pentax SP and 55/2 Super Takumar, a SRT 101 with a 50 or 58/1.4 MC Rokkor, or the Canon FTB, or even an F1 (I just got a nice F1 for $100) with a FD 50/1.4 lens. For rangefinders, the best bang for the buck is the Yashica Electro 35. All the full-size Electros use the same lens, later models have a flash hot shoe, and a larger film speed range. If you want interchangeable lenses, get a Canon 7 or Canon P with a 50/1.8 LTM lens. Stay away from the Russian crap unless you are mechanically-inclined.