Hello everyone

So, here we are just a little over four weeks away from this London Gathering, so I thought it was time to give this thread the proverbial kick up the rear, and write a few words just to let anyone who wishes to join us on any of the two days what we have got planned.

Those of us staying in the Hotel will be arriving late afternoon, early evening on the Friday 16th August to get settled in, and perhaps get together for some food, share a drink, and general chit-chat. For those that fancy joining us for a drink that night, you will find us here....


A very simple itinerary has been put together for the Saturday based around the visit to Sebastio Salgado's 'Genesis' exhibition. For those of you not staying at the Hotel and planning to travel in for the day, you are welcome to meet up with us there, or catch us on route. After breakfast at approximately 09.30 to 10.00am, we will be heading over Tower Bridge taking in the scenery, and heading in the direction of Borough Market. After spending time making images, or if you so wish, just taking in the sights and enjoying each others company, we will find a place to lunch, and perhaps grab a beer or a coffee, before heading over to the Exhibition. The Museum closes at 17.50, so we will be thrown out by 18.00, at which we will then be heading back to the hotel for food and the print share, remembering of course that nothing is ever carved in stone when it come to our arrangements, apart from the Exhibition time that is.

The time that has been decided to visit the exhibition is 3.00pm on Saturday 17th August.Tickets can be booked here...


Just click on the "Book tickets Online" about centre page. It is all pretty straight forward, but you will find that you have to go through the laborious task of registering with the Natural History Museum online first. Tickets are 10.00 for adults, seniors 60+ are 5.00.

Sunday's itinerary can be decided on the day, or perhaps on the Saturday. As I have mentioned before, nothing is ever carved in stone on these gatherings, the whole idea is to meet up with like minded people, enjoy the sights, relax, chat, and just enjoy, with no real pressure.

So perhaps for the Sunday:

Canary Wharf, a mecca for hand held photography
St Katherines dock, such a beautiful part of London
The South Bank, taking in the Tate Modern, with it's famous Turbine Hall, a wonderful area in itself
The Millennium Bridge, and perhaps crossing over to St Paul's

Like I have said, this can be decided on the day, but we will be heading out of the hotel by 09.30 to 10.00am.

Saturday night will be print share night, which will be held at the hotel, so if you are choosing to just pop in for a few hours, then this will be a great few hours spent. They are a nice, relaxed affair, sit and have a drink, chat, perhaps bring some of your work along to show, or just enjoy others. (prints are always shown away from food and drink!)

Staying at the Hotel

Stoo Batchelor
Neil Souch
Barry Wilkinson
Martin Aislabe
Martin and Vivien Howse
Jon Butler

Traveling in for the day, definitely, possibly, maybe

Paul Enters
Alan Jones
Mike Crawford
Delphine Lopez
Ian Leake
Mike Heller and his Sister

All in all, this is shaping up to be a very good, well attended gathering. If I have missed your name off the list, my apologies, give me the nudge and it will be added. If you fancy coming along, please let me know via the forum and I will add your name to the list.

I will add my mobile number a week before the gathering, so you will be able to find our where-a bouts on the day.

Any other thoughts, ideas or questions, please feel free to ask.

Cheers for now, and I look forward to seeing you soon.