Yashica-Mat 124 with case

Hello, I'm divesting myself of a number of TLRs and the second to go is an impeccable Yashica-Mat 124. The taking lens is a Yashinon 80/3.5 4 element Tessar type. The viewing lens of the same type is a f3.2. The lenses use a Bay 1 mount which is compatible with a Bay 1 Rollie accessories (filters, close-up adapters, hoods). Any thing with a bay 1 will mount on the 124.

The viewing hood has 3x focusing loupe.

I put a roll of Tri-X through the camera last week and everything functions as it should. Frame spacing is correct. Speeds are right on. The lenses are clean and free of any blemishes.

The lens cap is generic. There is a soft shutter release. The camera case is beat up but it does the job of protecting the camera.

$100 + shipping from Canada.
2% go to APUG

Payment is due within 2 days and will be shipped within two days. I only accept PayPal. Send me your address, postal code, zip code, destination, and I will get you a quote for the postage as soon as possible. The buyer is responsible for all duty and taxes of the destination country. The full value of the camera will be declared on the customs form. This is necessary for insurance purposes, nor will I declare it as a gift. This is a business transaction and will be treated as such.


Thank you!