I just got back from a trip to Washington, DC, and in our tourist travels I discovered a very interesting photography show on view until mid-September at the National Arcives called "Documerica". Here I was simply expecting to see some old faded crusty bits of parchment containing our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, and the Bill of rights, but was pleasantly surprised to find some great photography there as well!

It was a project funded by the EPA in the early 70's to document the environmental problems we were having, and to document how we lived at that time. I think they had ambitions to repeat what the FSA had done in the 30's, and though the focus was a bit broader than the FSA, it's full of great images and really gives a strong sense of America in the early to mid-seventies. It's mostly E-6 color in the show (I think), but the prints are ink-jets, and I thought they looked good. The graphics for the show was typical of the 70's (fonts, etc.) and some of the images were framed in groovy 70's orange while they played music from that era as well. Cool show, worth seeing if you are going to be in DC.

The images from the show are posted in a group of images called "Favorites" on a Flickr site, but you can see far more images under each photographer's name at the link here. http://www.flickr.com/photos/usnatio...7620729903309/
And a show catalog is available: http://www.amazon.com/Searching-Seve...rds=Documerica