Keystone Model A-7 Seven Speed 16mm Movie Camera. Boxed with cased with standard F2.5 lens. This camera appears to be in good working condition and runs well, although I have not film tested it. The (removable) lens is clear as is the finder. Some corrosion on the finishing screws (this is a very old camera folks). Price: $20 plus shipping

Fuji P1 Single-8 movie camera. This is a compact, very ruggedly built all-metal movie camera that uses Single-8 film from Fuji (which is still available as is processing). I put AA batteries in it for the motor (not included) and it runs strong. I do not have the sort of strange battery that the meter uses, so I can't test the exposure system. The optics are clean as are the battery compartments and everything looks good. Price: $8 plus shipping