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To me it looks like you may need to experiment a little more with the agitation.
Are you twisting the stick back and forth, or just one direction?
Also, how did the negs change in going from 30 seconds to one minute?
I think so also. I changed two things in the process at the same time (I know, stupid me) and that was from flipping the tank over to twisting the stick and from 30 sec to 1 min. I think the neg comes out a little "smother". They where much more grainy earlier. And I only turned it the same direction.
I have now got a scan from a friend, it looks much better than my repro-attempt but I can still see some light parts on the sides in the pics. So, at least the error is there before I digitize it even if I did make it worse.
I shot a roll today trough my old Mamiya 645 just to see if it makes any difference. I will come back with those results when it's developed.

Here is the scan from my friend: