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Light leaks on rolled film (not 35mm) generally occur at either the first or last frames of the roll and are generally caused by operator error when loading or unloading a body or film magazine. On 35mm cassettes, it usually appears on the entire roll typically on reused reloaded cartridges or on the firs


Take it light ;>0
Thanks for all the input! I have checked the film on a lightbox and all margins looks perfectly clear to me so I guess that almost excludes light leaks.
I have switched tanks and tried one Jobo and one Paterson, no difference there. I think the problem gets worse on the last frames. But to really see that I have to shoot at least the first, middle and last shot under similiar conditions and the same subject/background. But that might be the way to go, I really don't like when I'm not understanding why things get F*d up.
Btw: the first 5 rolls I have tried all come from the same pack. I have no opened another pack but they are bought at the same time so probably from the same batch. Maybe I get another brand to try just to eliminate film error.