The main reason i'm doing things myself is to learn and also because it's a lot cheaper, I phoned around and the cheapest place I could find that would take the lens off and clean it was 60. I have taken apart and repaired much more complex equipment as an electronics technician, so I thought "If I can strip down and repair a delicate circuit board, complete with re-soldering surface mounted ICs, then taking apart a simple lens and cleaning it should be easy"

I was wrong there, it was quite tedious, though relatively straightforward with the service manual. If the problem was with my Yashica then I'd take it to the camera shop for repair/service. For my bargain project I decided it was worth a shot due to my steady hands and having some meths handy which i've used in the past to remove fungus from other things that I've bought from the internet second hand.

I keep my equipment either in my bag or on my shelf, both of which are very dry and about 15-20 degrees (centigrade) with a constant airflow.

Thanks for the advice on storage, I'll make sure everything else is kept "above board now". I was lucky with the minolta other than a minor watermark from the cleaning solution, so I'll be more careful in future.

Good thing I wore latex gloves