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I turned on the Jobo this afternoon (Sunday) and it is pumping water around the machine without a problem. Which is odd considering the lack of operation on May 31st. Perhaps the pump un-seized due to warmer conditions...

Algae can sometimes block one of the smaller hoses in the system. As you know the ATL 2300 has only one water distribution unit/pump for the entire machine, which circulates the water through an intricate hose system.
Its enough that one of those junctions or curves have a partial blockage to lower the pressure on the entire system.

It might also be be that the pump motor has reached the end if its service life, its a very easy replacement. If you see lower pressure, try tapping the motor on the rear of the machine and try flexing and squeezing/pinching the visible or accessible hoses with your fingers and see if they spit out any gunk through the spout at the upper trough. The mesh wire filter should catch most of it before its sucked back to re circulate.

Processor clean can help loosen up the gunk as well.

Let me know if you still need any help.