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I hate plastic cameras. They may work for some people, but I can't stand them, especially when solid, pro-level cameras which were once out of reach of regular photographers can now be had for cheap.
I'm of the opposite inclination. I rarely carry heavy pro cameras now, pretty as they are an F2 with a 35mm metal lens delivers virtually the same image as a Mju II that'll fit in a shirt pocket. The only bad cameras I've bought second hand have been ex-professional models. Low mileage amateur cameras that rarely left their never ready case have proved to be far more reliable shooters. Ironically, one of the toughest 35mm cameras I own is a plastic Canon T90, nicknamed the tank by Japanese photojournalists of the time. Before I had it CLA'ed the electromagnetic shutter was sticking, for which the accepted (if temporary cure) is hitting it on a hard surface. We're not talking a sharp tap here, but slamming the thing onto concrete. Not a scratch.