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It might also be be that the pump motor has reached the end if its service life, its a very easy replacement.
Seriously, pump motors do not wear out. They're chunks of iron with some copper wire wrapped around it; there should be nothing to wear out except brushes, and most mains-powered motors do not use brushes. They can be abused into failure via heat, but that's usually the "big bang" kind of failure where the insulation lets go or the heat seizes a bearing.

Bearings can certainly seize or be gummed with lubricant (my CPP2 pump has this issue), pumps themselves definitely wear out at points of contact and/or flex. But not motors. Electric motors are forever unless abused

If your electric motor has stopped, clean & re-lube it, maybe replace a bearing. If it's part of a pump, the actual pumping bit should be your prime suspect.