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1. Hasselblad Manual 4th edition, Ernst Wildi, HC
2. Fundamentals of photography, Tom Ang, HC
3. Digital photography masterclass, Tom Ang, HC
4. Photographs, Aaron Rose, HC
7. Scanning negatives and slides, rocky nook 2nd edition, PB
8. The art of printing on your epson printer, Freeman/Beardsworth, PB
10. Peterson understanding exposure, Amphoto, PB
11. The theatre of the face, portrait photography since 1900, Kozloff, HC
12. Photo Du Jour, David Hume Kennerly, 1st edition signed! HC
14. A history of photography, Flammarion, HC
15. Mastering digital black and white, Diallo, PB
18. Advanced black and white photography, Beardsworth, PB
19. Amphotos guide to digital black and white printing, PB