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But, do you ACTUALLY need to upgrade to a new digital camera? Think about it - 100,000 actuations on a digital camera is not totally uncommon - heck, even more. Thats over 2500 rolls of film. If you shot your digital like most people have shot film over the last 100 years, I think a digital would last a very very long time! The last digital camera I bought cost me $1000, around 6 years ago. Apart from the batteries not holding charge as long as they used to, there is absolutely no reason for me to upgrade it......

But, yes, I do get that many film cameras produced before the mid 80's are pretty much indestructible.....but those electronic 35mm wonders produced since then probably won't last as long as many of todays DSLR's...... Just a thought!
If my film camera has some "dead pixels" a new roll of film is less than $10

It does remind me of the old Married With Children episode when Peg bought a computer and "saved" money by purchasing more peripherals. Even if the digital quality appealed to me and I used it five times as much as film, it would still be more expensive for me in the long run.

There is also the upgrade hamster-wheel, which few have the resolve to avoid. It is good that you do, but I can't afford a digital camera with the quality I'd be satisfied with five years down the road.

Presently I'm in a similar car situation. My 2003 used car is really making me angry. For what I've put into it I could have restored two early 70s GMs that I truly wanted, met my criteria, and have fewer things to go wrong - plus I'd not have to worry about them for about a decade.