To me shooting film like digital means taking lots of sub average photos that I will not even want to look at again. To me that's not even worth taking the time to take the photo. With film I'm much better at composing, anticipating the moment and taking good photos. Photos that I will want to look at over and over again. To me that's what photography is all about.

I guess the biggest difference for me between the mediums are the viewfinders. The ones on my film cameras are bigger and brighter and it's much easier to see if the photo will work and I can compose it much better.

To give you an example, last year I went on an overseas holiday to Okinawa for 2 weeks. I took lots of random photos, 3500 of them to be exact and majority of them was total junk. I had about 40 good photos in there.

Few weeks ago I went to Nepal for 2 weeks and I took my film gear. I took all up 240 MF and 216 36mm in C41, E6 and B&W photos. Quiet large percentage is bracketing E6 photos in this group, because of difficult lighting conditions. But as a result of more thoughtful composing and thinking about every shot like it matters, I got 60 photos that I'm really happy with. Now I wish that I took my film gear to Okinawa last year, especially because of the much higher keeper rate of 13% vs 1%.

I should also mention that I had a lot more time to enjoy holiday and looking through my own eyes instead of viewfinder.