Okay, this is my bottom-of-the-barrel, random-junk-box, bargain-bin of filters. Priced individually (plus shipping), all in good condition unless indicated otherwise. As with the 52mm filters I'm selling, it should be possible to ship these fairly cheaply in a padded envelope.

I will sell the whole group of items for $25 plus shipping.

Various filters
  • Kenko 49mm linear polarizer (in rotating mount), with case, $2.50
  • Quantaray 49mm Closeup +3, with case, $2.50
  • Hoya 55mm K2 Yellow, small scratch on glass, also jammed onto a 49mm step-down ring (maybe you can separate them), $2.00
  • Hoya 55mm UV HMC, cleaning marks, $2.00
  • Promaster 62mm Spectrum 7 85B, with case, $5.00
  • Sailwind 77mm Hi-Soft 2, with case, excellent, $10.00

Step-Down Rings (put a larger filter on a smaller-threaded lens)
  • 77mm-72mm
  • 77mm-67mm
  • 67mm-52mm

I accept PayPal, or we can work out other payment arrangements if needed. Prefer to sell within the US. Thanks for looking.