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i can't tell from the photograph if hte FR tank is complete ...
there should be the lid, the 2 inserts that adjust the size of film
the LOADER ( this has a long slot in it that allows you to to slot by slot and more-easily load the film )
the bar that goes ontop of the film to make it so it doesn't rise out of the tank
the baffle ...

i use a FR tank mostly for stand development and have loaded every slot with the loader-thing.
it takes practice and isn't as easy as tray devlopment, but easier than unsticking sheets of film in a tray

i have read some use the FR tank and roll it slowly on a pencil and they get even development ..
as mentioned i usually use it for stand and semi stand and never have troubles ...

if you have allergies to developer, you might look into using sprint film developer, it is a METOL FREE d-76-type developer
i have used it off and on for 31years and it gives very nice results ... easy to mix ( 1:9 ) easy to use ( they have massive charts on their website for nearly every film you can think of )

and it is nearly impossible to over devlop/ blow highlights with it ... which might make ita great combination with the FR tank
seeing over agitation sometimes leads to blown highlights ...

good luck with the goodies !
John, how can you tell if there's uneven development with your images lol, half the time I can't even tell what the image is...

Also sprint is terrible and doesn't allow for much control, hence why it's great for students, it's fool proof.

Anyway guys, I am fine and prefer a sealed container so I'm going with a MOD54 after the pack film is done.

I already wear a breather mask and chemical gloves and I like that method. Thanks.

Oh and yes it's complete, the pics are pretty clear, I showed everything on them, or tried.

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