Thanks ! Still don't get the stop technique. So it should go in conjunction between the shutter speed and the aperture ? On my kit lens (a zoom lens) i only have 3.5 5.6 8 11 16 22 as apertures so I guess I can't set it half way right ?

Regarding your recommendation as to what film to purchase: it is not easy to find regular non outdated film already in the areas I know in Bangalore, so I first started looking for films just to find film ! Since these are not so expensive I thought why not try and see. But you are right I should maybe use a roll to see how it turns out. To overexpose them correctly you think it is possible to do it handheld or I would need longer exposure times and therefore a tripod (I plan on shooting them during day time but in the jungles of Kerala and the dry rocky region of Hampi).