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You will be disappointed with any of those flatbed scanners. I hate to break it to you, but unfortunately you will only be truly satisfied using a dedicated film scanner.

Now you're going to hear from a bunch of people who will tell you they get great results with the Epson, etc. through various games they play with the scanner, but it's a far cry from a 4000 dpi medium format capable scanner (which will also do 135 format). Plan on 2k$ budget.

Amusingly though, if you scan 5x7 and 8x10 prints on a v500 or v700 it'll do pretty good - but that's because they've already had the hard work done for them ahead of time. Don't fall into the flatbed scanner trap - they're severely lacking.
I know, but I can't put that much money in a scanner. I dont get paid for my film shooting, the DSLR stands for the income. Someday maybe I can get one but for now I have to do with the second best.