A real concern for me is that the costs of shooting color slides has more than doubled during the last three years. A five pack of Astia did cost 16 Euro in 2010. Today, there is no Astia anymore and a pack of Provia 100F or 400X does cost around 30 Euro. In 2010 my lab took me 1,59 Euro to process a roll of 120, today they charge me 3 Euro. The result is that I shoot less slide film and think more carefully about what I shoot and how much film I use.

I donīt own a digital camera myself but every now and then people hand me their compact to take a picture. I made the experience that I tend to frame and focus more carefully with digital, like I would do it with film. This usually leads to less wasted shots. So I think using film and especially medium format has improved the way I take pictures in general, regardless of the medium.