I've been using a 3-LED bike tail light for my safelight; it's enough illumination (just) and quite paper-safe. I wanted to buy a mains-powered LED bulb to get better illumination and not change batteries, so bought a couple to try. I've been testing spectrum by diffraction off a CD and my $3 bike light shows only red, maybe orange, components.

The first lamp I bought is a 1.8W, 38-LED, 220-240V E27 thing from China for $1. The branding on the box is "FLY" and three balloons; it's made by Shenlong Company Ltd. Currently listed on eBay as #290687055751.
The CD test shows it has significant spectrum into green and even blue so I haven't paper-tested it.

I'll post more as I receive more in the post; can other people please post their positive and/or negative experiences with specific LED bulbs? There are a few that have been reported as good in a bunch of other threads so I'd like to gather them here and make this a sticky. Please tell us whether you did the CD test and if you've checked for paper-safety, which paper(s) and durations and whether you did the test properly with pre-fogging.