The FR tank is, as noted, not the best invention to have come down the pike. That said, it can be used to get the hang of things with 4x5. I, too, am allergic to photo developer and always wear gloves. Though John says Sprint is Metol-free, I have not found it to be very nice to my skin. HC110 is better for that, though once you start to wear gloves, it's easier to simply put them on no matter what chemicals you're using. I have not found the pack film to be so thin as to cause a problem. The agitation routine for that tank is to gently slosh it back and forth parallel to the access of the film in the tank. Doing it in the other direction can cause the film to dislodge and stick together. It does work best for stand, or semi-stand development. I use 1:150 Rodinal for 1 hour with one slight agitation every 15 minutes.

I used a number of film packs with a Speed Graphic and found I liked the convenience. I was shooting a 90mm on 4x5, focusing with the rangefinder and not the ground glass, so I could leave the pack in for 16 shots- pretty nice for street shooting! They most certainly can be loaded in room light -- most 35mm canisters say "load in subdued light" too. They just want you to avoid direct sunlight, which may get in through a felt light trap as you handle the pack. As you pull each paper, after exposure, you will probably want to tear it off, since the flap hanging out is sort-of in your way. Each one is numbered. I have kept the packs and paper backing and want to try reloading the pack, though I'm not sure why...maybe just to see if I can.

Oh, and if you want to see Jnanian's more focused work, try his website and look at the portrait and editorial stuff- not all is smoke and blur, honest.