Although products often say where they are made, I don't think this is currently required under EU law. I have bought many non-photographic products in the UK and most don't give the place of origin. Often, one suspects, it is China. It seems it is also possible (in the EU) to legally state a place of manufacture when only the final packaging has been done there. In another thread there was recently a discussion about Foma's Equicolor film which claims to be made in the Czech Republic, but quite possibly only the box was made there. The law is probably different in the US - I don't know. I have also seen colour film which was produced for sale in Poland with no indication of where it was made. But as for the Lomography film, it will be interesting to see what it says. As it is intended for international markets, it will probably have an indication of origin, even if that's only where the packaging is done!