I am using the CPP3 now for film processing, I cannot comment on making prints with a Jobo a I never have done this but know many that do very well.
I can comment on the CCP3 however as we have just put one into production here.

The CPP3 has a great countdown program for putting chem in and out which I found at first a bit daunting, but once you get use to it quite easy to master. It is easy to program different process times and setups, just takes a bit of time as well to figure the logic of whoever wrote the little manual.
The unit is very robust in circulation so once turned on the temp can be kept active all day long. I also like the feature of the small filler bottles warming up right next to the main run bottles , with a few tanks one could just print all day long with some pretty good production.
Those people who wash off processor like us can really speed up the usage of one of these machines.
I think a priority for print processing would be a very good drying cabinet that can keep up to the printer. Colour correction has to be done dry so being able to get there fast would be IMO important.

When I first started colour printing, fall of 1974 I was assigned a small room to share with one other, It was equipped with a chromega enlarger and a small wet sink that housed a K16 colour processor... any one remember this processor.... it was super cool to say the least for a young student to learn photography with their own kit to make images. Back in those days we had 24/7hours access to the lab and studios ,and I basically lived there for three years.....
Now I live here with enlargers and processors , not much has changed other than the magic of Photo Shop has opened some big doors...
So to the OP go for it , get a chromiga , get a Jobo and buy cut sheet and have the time of your life.