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Mr. Ross:

Yes, I have been fortunate to see Weston prints. His archive is just up the road in Oklahoma City, and in 2009, they mounted a show of 132 original prints. Also, I have been to the CCP in Tucson, and have seen prints of both Brett and his father there. I can't remember a specific, but I would not be surprised if I have seen prints from Edward for sure, and probably Brett, in various exhibits at the Carter over the years. They show a lot of work! Both are represented in the Amon Carter's collection.

I used to say that I would die happy if ever someone looked at one of my photographs and said that it looked like a Brett Weston. We amateurs all have our models/heroes.

One thing I learned from viewing so many Brett prints: shadow detail is over-rated. If it's black, let it go black in the print!

According to the Carter's online catalog, they have 8 of the portfolios:

Fifteen photographs of Japan
Baja California
Ten photographs
Fifteen photographs
White Sands
San Francisco

Several copies of the actual portfolios are in the Carter's print collection, although I hesitate to list them, since my copy of their print catalog is from 1993. It's not as easy to walk into their vaults as it is their library, however.

Thanks for the comments.
Good morning David,

Wonderful to hear that you have had the opportunities to view original prints. Brett was correct in his oft-quoted statement that, "no one can print my negatives the way I can". Yes, those blacks are magnificent, a real master of negative space!

I'm guessing that you are referring to the Out of the Shadow exhibition of a few years ago. I had the opportunity to view it when it was in Santa Barbara, and participated in a panel discussion of Brett and his work on opening night. It truly was a marvelous exhibit, and very well received.

Thanks for writing. You are fortunate to have the Amon Carter nearby.