Digit-heads usually just whack off as many shots as possible on the idea that out of lots and lots of shots something just HAS to be good. My niece did this at her wedding. It was the old Uncle Bill and his GOOD camera scenario. Her friend, (the Uncle Bill), ran around like an idiot with the DSLR constantly going and then they picked out 2 dozen from the 3100 and some the friend shot. The 3100+ included the reception so it was over several hours. But it was insane and very disruptive of the whole ceremony with flashes and changing batteries and whatever. Unbelievable. Their album they had made ended up with one good shot and 23 mediocre ones. 30 or 40 well timed or composed shots could have easily done the job.

The display is turned off on my DSLR so I'd say I shoot it like film. I rarely look at any shots till I get home and stick the card in my laptop. My 32GB SD card will last for years.

To me, film always has that anticipation factor of seeing what you really got and it's more than half the fun.