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Hey Merg! Hope you are doing well. I have given that a fair amount of thought, based on information in the biographies themselves and some other interviews I've read. It would seem the authors certainly had different experiences with Brett...

On another note, I listened to your Lenswork interview again a couple of weeks ago while working in the darkroom. It may be the best .99 I've ever spent. =)
Hi Shawn, good to hear from you, all is well here.

I took a look at your new work, and some old. You have a very fine portfolio accumulated over a few years. Congratulations! I bet those contact prints are real gems. My early work, the first ten years, were all 4x5 contact prints. The small prints demand a close look. I have never understood the big print craze so often seen these days. I guess ink made it easier to go big, although Ansel was printing large in the 1950's; some mural size on commercial assignments. Of course, his subject matter did not suffer from being large.

Almost had forgotten the LensWork interview, glad you found something worthwhile in it.

Keep in touch.