Well, I had a T90 that continually locked up in the worst possible way - I was using it as an "around home" camera with a flash, and while in many cases the dreaded "EE" error happens after the picture is taken, with flash, it happened during. So no picture at all. Hardly a useful feature for a camera you're relying on to capture once in a lifetime events that happen in a family's life. I sent it back to the guy I bought it from (a reputable repair guy) and told him to keep it. On the other hand, I have an EOS-3 that locked up too. Same sort of error; something to do with shutter magnets. The stupid camera would freeze up at random times but a slap to the prism usually fixed it. In frustration I BANGED the stupid thing down on a hard marble countertop, scarring the body where the sharp edge of the counter connected, but it was a miracle. The body has worked flawlessly ever since. I'll never sell it but I'm comfortable using it. I forgave it right after the hard spanking.