Thanks guys,

Good to know whitey, thanks.

It's old stuff so I don't want to stand develop it, would rather use ilfsol 3 or HC-110 to cut down on base fog.

These are 40 year old packs so they are bound to be bad, but I would still like to salvage if I can.

Depending on when paychecks come in vs when the camera arrives, will determine if I order the new version of the MOD54 or not. For future sheets.

I should probably order some regular sheet film too, I only have one pack of Acros100 (20) and then of course my Shangrelah (spelling?) of saved films, a box of Velvia 50 and a box of Astia (think its 100?)

But would like to shoot some lesser priced stuff after the two packs are gone, maybe Ilford since I love them so lol.

Any sheet film to be aware of that is really thin? (Besides rollei IR400 which I'm aware is super thin).

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