Kerala is at southwestern coast of India and one of the most beatiful places on Earth. And its one of the two Hippie Centers of the India other is at Chennai at southeastern coast of India , heavily damaged with tsunami and typhoon. There is a big Hippie center at the east called Auroville and all the hotel and food cost is less than 9 dollars per day.

You must see the Kerala pictures on Google , There are billion of Coconut trees placed there and denser than your hair.

Many people eat from garbage and sex with american hippies.

I would document these people with my camera. They are one of the most interesting people on earth and they have such interesting ideas.

There are video documents with these people on youtube and girls were crying because of their sex adventours there.

I asked to a group about snake danger at kerala and they prefer to escape at first 15 seconds and than attack !!!

All I know about there.