I have a regular C3 which I purchased new around the end of 1957. I have done a CLA and rangefinder calibration on it in recent times, and it still works -- surprisingly well in basic outdoor conditions. I wouldn't claim it's my "go to" camera, but I get it out at least once a year...

There's an organization called the Argus Collectors Group that started doing an "Argus Day" event in 2001. Folks are encouraged to get out an Argus camera and put it to use; submitting two results to the ACG. The group is small and doesn't seem too organized, but so far the annual event has happened, sometimes on short notice.

At the moment there is no mention of 2013, but I just raised that question on the Argus Flickr discussion group, another resource. The original day in 2001 was held on August 1st -- proclaimed "Argust 1st" for the occasion. The day has been moved along corresponding to the last digits of the year. Last year was Argust 12th, etc. Don't know what happens in 2032, but given my age I likely won't be worried about it! (Actually the website now says a year and a day after the previous, so maybe it goes to September 1st, but that doesn't lend itself to the clever word play!) I originally learned of the event here on APUG in 2006 and have participated since.

The ACG also has some manuals and repair information on line.