Any, ANY camera can fail. But of course there are those that because of cheap construction or design flaws have more problems.

My chosen 35mm platform, the OM system, specifically model OM-1 and OM-1n have been OK for me but of course I've not run them like some professionals do their cameras.

I have experienced the dreaded prism foam rot and the resultant damage to the mirror surface of the penta prism. This, if cleaned off, can still be seen in the viewfinder, but the body can still be fully functional otherwise. In the 38 years I've used OM-1 bodies I've also had a shutter curtain string come loose (or perhaps off its roller) twice, on the same body, a non md, my oldest one. That body also has a dead meter due to a broken solder connection to the battery contact. Otherwise my OM's have been reliable cameras. The Zuiko lenses have been good to me except for the 'dangly rubber focusing grip' on my 24 f2.8, and 50 f1.8. When Olympus still cared and were a real camera company they would send you replacement rings at no charge. Oh yeah, almost forgot, my Winder 1 died, but matters not, I hardly ever used the thing.