I found a data mine for you. There are 140 pages and each have 10 publications written by BBC. This is my second day researching on video technology and my reason to do is the 10 or older years old BBC programmes and their excellent quality. I have a paid VPN Access to get ip address from all of the World and watching their museum, art , antiques programmes and I am watching BBC IPlayer for two years and on tv for 12 years. New programmes looks like cheap plastic colors , lots of visual noise , lots of unsharp areas , loss of quality.

I am researching how did they accomplish this quality with 30 years older equipment. They say at cinematography forum , at older times , they were bringing studio cameras on trucks and use them.

Now cheap cameras and everything.

Some older porn movies have exceptional quality , may be billion of people bought these cassettes and watched them. I watched Charles and Diana wedding from Sony TV 35 years ago and what a quality.

If this is colorists or older ccds or whatever I want to know them.

here is the link :