The Canon T90 suffers from a very well-known shutter complaint, sticky magnets as well as goo on the shutter itself. Even when working properly the camera does not like to sit idle for very long. I've had a couple T90s poop out on me from time to time (the EEE error), and usually a short sharp smack on the ground sets it right again. I have better cameras, I have more reliable cameras, but the T90 remains my all-time favorite. I have nine of them right now, three in storage, two in regular use, one that has 'issues' (and gives interesting results), and three awaiting disembowelment.

The Canon Elan IIe seems to have an odd problem; when used with the battery grip, shooting is often interrupted by low-battery warnings, even with fresh batteries. I've never let that worry me, I just take the shot when the camera lets me. For $25, I'm not going to complain. They're very nice cameras, otherwise.

On the other hand, the Minolta XE-7 has a most unfortunately-placed power switch, directly under my right thumb. Too often I lift the camera to my face and find it won't work as I've inadvertently shut the thing off without trying. I'm ready to drop both of mine in the lake.