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Didn't someone say Lomo bought out Lucky's facilities?
I would say it is rather doubtful seeing that the Lomography folks sent out an email lately regarding some delays in delivery of the Lomochrome Purple 400, the lomography folks shows some photos of the European factory making their film in this particular email.

Someone did indeed theorize a purchase of Lucky's facilities, but it seems nothing really more was said.

I am sure there is quite a surplus in the world of great film producing machinery for sale, I am thinking it is good that much of Agfa's was saved, the best equipment is still in use by forward thinking companies in Europe.

It is too bad some important film manufacturing equipment was not saved from Polaroid, The impossible project did a great job of rescuing and reviving a lot of production machinery from Polaroid but at the same time I think Impossible Project feels a bit of regret for not rescuing the machinery for the 4x5 instant film, Fuji has dropped the "Ball" for 4x5 instant film sales in the USA and other parts of the world, You can still order fresh 4x5 color instant film directly from Japan, Fuji still makes it apparently.

If Impossible Project would make 4x5 instant film they would once again buy more of my Alpenhause 110B 4x5 cameras to sell with their film like they did in 2008 and 2009 when they had a lot of expired Polaroid 4x5 film.