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There are other coating facilities in several places. How about China Lucky? InovisCoat?

Andreas is right. Maco used to send to EFKE film pancakes to be slit and packaged in the 127 format.
I am thinking that EFKE is the only factory in the world that handles the 127 format, it is said that EFKE hired those that are blind to hand roll the 127 film, It is very nice of them to employ the handicapped.

Now that EFKE seems to be shut down Maco/Rollei may have their 127 film production equipment, a lot of EFKE's production machinery has been sold to others like Maco/Rollei, ADOX and InovisCoat, it is a good thing forward thinking companies in Europe are keeping film production machinery from going to waste.

127 film needs unique spool production machinery and you need to make the backing paper which I am sure is easy to do, the EFKE and Maco Rollei 127 spools cause hell if you use them in a RolleiFlex 127 TLR as take up spools, too bad the nice metal spools made by Kodak, Agfa of earlier years can no longer be made.