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Have you been here much?

Not always the case, but I think as an Actor I can be aware of my facial expressions and persona, and I always try to put forth the real me, which is a very excited about photography type or person, and use that excitement in that moment to make it ok and not get people upset. I think that's why online I seem like such a dick, because my personality never comes through in my text.

I've certainly seen people's cameras get destroyed in NY by someone who didn't like their picture taken.

Also, being aware of PEOPLE... there's a thing about TLR's and WLF type cameras that bother people less... something about looking down instead of AT them, seems to lessen their reactions and you get a more natural look as well. I think that the OP should probably learn to use a TLR instead of a leica and perhaps he won't be viewed as such a creep
That's interesting to know.

I went to NYC in 96 - it was probably the highlight of my stateside travels back then. I loved the city. I loved the people. I loved that I was in a laundromat and people started to talk to me. I loved that I was wearing a T-shirt that someone found (mildly) offensive and she challenged me about it.

But, I suppose, back then I didn't care too much about street photography, so it wasn't something I did.

I guess I have taken my recent cues and views from seeing clips on the likes of Meyerwitz and Gilden and what a guy I know locally did when he was over there a few years ago.