I think it's an interesting lens.
I completely prefer the feel of the Takumars, but, this Flek is good optically, if a little strange.
I'm not so familiar with it to say if it's brilliant or not.
I'm not quite sure if really like it or not either, or would want to trade it for something else I'm likely to prefer more - say a 50mm 1.4 Tak.

The lens I tend to use most just now is the 58mm 1.8 Takumar SMC.
It's a nice lens but I haven't quite worked out how to use it yet.

I also have the 35mm 3.5 Takumar which I prefer the feel of to the Flek - but again, it may be that I just haven't given it enough time yet.

So - a hood would likely solve the issue of my "ghosting" vertical window blinds?

I'll need to see if I have anything I can try with it.