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Just as a side note:
It is surprising that this camera family is hailed that much.

-) 35mm is not the classic FL for a Tessar covering 24x36
-) focussing is done by front cell only
-) the aperture has only two blades

All things typically fit to denounce a camera on such forum...
Yes, especially the shape of the aperture. I know front cell focusing lenses don't seem to be as "in favor" as unit designs, but I have seen some front cell lenses that were/are very, very good. Most of you Ikonta's and Super Ikonta's fall into that class. It is a simpler, easier way to make a camera and that is probably why the front cell focusing design gets its bad rap. Cheap cameras almost always either had it or a fixed focus lens. I said easier to make the camera, but not easier to make the lens since it's easier to make a unit lens.