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For my input, until you get a good grasp of how things work and what you can do with them I heartily recommend that you stick to one make of film, one speed of film, and the same for printing paper, developers and fixers. Once you get the idea then it is the time to start looking further afield. don't try to run before you walk. It will only serve to confuse
Interesting you would say that. I was thinking the same thing.

Despite the contractions in the market, there are still tons of different films/papers/developers and such out there. At least it seems so to me. I read stuff here and there about the subtle differences between X and Y and wonder what it means.

It can all be rather overwhelming. So I decided to stick with the initial decisions (really shots in the dark) I've made for now. Last night's developing failure (I bought some new, proper mixing cups, and was trying to add the developer to the tank as fast as possible in order to be as accurate as possible on the time. I poured it in too fast and "vapor locked" the tank. Thinking I had somehow mis-measured the developer with the new cups, I figured I was good and just dumped the excess out. Turns out I was short, so now the top 1/2" of the roll is all bubbly. Bummer. They were some good shots.) taught me that I still have a lot to learn. Made me think of the opening line to Anna Karenina : "Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way". There are apparently a limitless number of ways to screw this up.