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Just as a side note:
It is surprising that this camera family is hailed that much.

-) 35mm is not the classic FL for a Tessar covering 24x36
-) focussing is done by front cell only
-) the aperture has only two blades

All things typically fit to denounce a camera on such forum...
All the things you write about this camera are undeniably true AgX, but after 25 years of using one I can assure you that the 35mm f2.8 Colour Minotar lens fitted to the camera makes images so sharp and contrasty it would put most 35mm lenses on other cameras to shame. I bought mine after reading a test report in a now defunct magazine called SLR Camera, where on test they tested the lens three times because they couldn't believe how good the results were, you can't judge a lens purely on it's specification only in use, just like according to the laws of aviation physics it's impossible for a bee to fly .