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...Please be advised that we are ceasing production of KENTMERE Fineprint VC FB ( Variable Contrast Fibre Base ).
This product is only available in GLOSS....
OK, first, to be completely clear, are you saying that the only version still available was glossy and that's discontinued? Or, as the Kentmere Web page for papers indicates

that there's also a Finegrain surface and that's what's discontinued?

Second, in another thread, we had this exchange:

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Has anyone figured out the code that HARMAN uses for Kentmere Fineprint? On a package just received, in addition to the CAT 6006549 number, there's a six-digit code on the label (332415) as well as, in the bottom right corner, another series that reads 13504705 F08. Inquiring mind wants to know.
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I will find out

Simon. ILFORD Photo / HARMAN technology Limited :
Does this thread explain why you haven't gotten back with the answer in that one? Also, was it my question that prompted the discontinuation?

Oh well, I probably just bought my first and last package of Kentmere Fineprint FB. At least you've announced its discontinuation before I set up the temporarily-converted-bathroom-darkroom next week and try printing on it. Money wasted but not time.